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Why diners bought into Mexican Pizza and Happy Meals in 2022

This past year had the taste of nostalgia. From Taco Bell’s revival of Mexican pizza to McDonald’s “adult Happy Meals,” restaurants were promoting the past in 2022. Mexican Pizza was a permanent menu item until Irvine, California-based Taco Bell withdrew it in 2020. Fans clamored to get it back, inspiring a social media campaign that lasted for months and included influencers such as Doja Cat ...
A&E >  Food

Say cheese: Tips for properly storing everything from Cheddar to Stilton

Putting out a cheese board is one of the easiest, most fun ways to entertain (or, in my case, have lunch). If you’re going to the effort of choosing and buying the good stuff, you want to make sure you keep it at peak quality before you serve it, as well as after if you happen to have any leftovers.

A&E >  Food

Creamy white beans with sausage make a hearty one-pan meal

A scarpetta, in Italian, is a small shoe. But it has another definition, which I prefer: The scrap of bread you drag over the bottom of a dish, to clean up any lingering swipes of sauce or soup. It’s a useful and delicious thing, a last bite that sings. And you’re going to want a scarpetta when you serve this recipe, a dish of creamy cannellini beans in a sage-infused tomato sauce.
A&E >  Entertainment

‘The Menu’ proves that a chef is the perfect modern movie villain

There are well-known archetypes of movie bad guys, and each says something about the culture from which they sprang. Menacing Russians were a Cold War-era staple, and given the turn of world affairs, they’re enjoying a recent resurgence. Evil tech bros have been cast as villains for years, reflecting our modern unease with the men manipulating the machinery on which we’re ever more reliant.
A&E >  Food

He tried to eat a $28 Taco Bell lunch - and failed

“You want to know how bad inflation is?” Fox News contributor Scott Martin said in a clip posted to Twitter. “Yesterday, yes, I had a nice lunch at Taco Bell – cost me about $28 at Taco Bell for lunch.”
A&E >  Food

10 Buck Lunch: Where to eat for cheap in downtown Spokane

UPDATED: Wed., Oct. 5, 2022

With soaring prices and the continued shakeout of the restaurant industry stemming from the pandemic, it’s getting more difficult to find a good, inexpensive lunch in downtown Spokane. So we sent our reporters out on a quest to find a good lunch option for $10 or less. Our only rule: no chains. Here are a few of our favorites.
A&E >  Dining

Dining out is expensive. Here are five suggestions to make a night out easier on your wallet

The sheer convenience of eating away from home – No dishes to wash! The hope of leftovers! – helps keep restaurants busy, although uncertain economic times inevitably lead to some changed behaviors. Customers might opt to pick up food instead of having it delivered, cut back on the number of times they visit restaurants or trade down. If flush times found you at the Palm, down ones might see you at Outback Steakhouse.
A&E >  Food

Demand for Italian Beef Is Booming. Thank ‘The Bear.’

Last month, Dan Michaels, an owner of Gino’s East of Chicago in Los Angeles, watched as orders for Italian beef – the classic Chicago sandwich of thinly sliced roast beef and tangy giardiniera piled on a roll – suddenly soared to 300 a day, from 150 a day in June.
A&E >  Food

From pizza to dip, chips and popcorn, pickle Is summer’s big flavor

UPDATED: Wed., Aug. 10, 2022

In May, Meg and Maddie Antonelli, a mother-and-daughter duo who review new food products on TikTok, filmed themselves in their car in a Florida grocery store parking lot. Meg held up a container of powdered dill pickle seasoning from Sam’s Club; Maddie, a bag of Goldfish Original crackers.
A&E >  Food

Uno Más Taco Shop opens inside Wonder Market

UPDATED: Fri., July 22, 2022

Chef and restaurateur Chad White has teamed up with Hello Sugar owners Ramsey and Amy Pruchnic and TT’s Old Iron Brewery and BBQ co-owner Travis Thosath to open a new taco shop.

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